1. smalldoll:

    If I’m such a manic pixie dream girl then where is my ordinary white boy to complete me?? I didn’t dye my hair and pretend to like superheroes to remain a virgin I tell ya hwat

    where’s michael cera when you need him?

  2. fuckyeahsexyatheists:

    On this day when every public school in the US has the day off but I have to go to class, have some Bruce Willis dying Easter eggs.

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  4. I have found the following in my tip jar at work (usually more than once):

    - $2 bills
    - Kennedy half-dollars
    - Susan B. Anthony coins
    - a condom (not used, praise jesus)
    - a candy bar
    - car keys
    - paper clips
    - used napkins/tissues
    - a used iTunes gift card
    - a pacifier
    - religious propaganda
    - a small piece of sea glass
    - most of a bertucci’s pizza (not technically IN the tip jar, but given in lieu of cash)
    - used Chapstick
    - a drivers license
    - a wedding ring
    - gushers/fruit by the foot
    - a plastic dinosaur

  5. dirtysexyclassy:


    I love this position

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  6. sassingintothevoid:

    Coffee porn.     (Cinemagraphs and gifs from this cool article.)

    so beautiful..

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  7. tattrx:

    MAX WELL   
    Perpignan & Paris, France   
    Instagram @maxwellleptitbleu     

  8. dustyneal:

    Knocked out these Waldorf & Statler pieces on the backs of thighs today. Tough sitter!

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  9. Me and Alyse for real though.

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  11. pieceofgold:



    i like my coffee how i like my men. rich 

    and black

    and strong

    and three times in the morning before i do anything

    #it’s idris elba i’m talking about idris elba

    (it’s always idris elba)

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  12. david-james-pugh:

    The amount of swagger here is incredible.

  13. cutepoweredjellyfish:





     Fantasy, sci-fi and gender bending by Sakimi chan from facebook


    Is it me or does male Elsa look like he’s about to give a “hadouken!” To some unsuspecting foes?

    omg i will cosplay that cruella de vil

    I’m stupidly attracted to all of them, ALL OF THEM.


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  15. oh my gOD

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